Monday, June 6, 2011


Identity project contact sheet

These are my two friend Emma and Emily. I told them to be as serious as possible and not to smile. This picture took a few tries because they kept smiling.

This is my friend Emily. Again, I told her to do anything but smile so she gave me this really weird look. I wasn't expecting it which made it even better.

This is Emily and I. My friend wanted to take pictures so badly, so I handed her the camera and let her go for it. They turned out better than I expected.

This is my friend Courtney. I asked her to do anything she wanted except smile and she started climbing the fence.

This is me and my friends Emily and Christian. It was just suppose to be me and Emily, but Christian jumped in last minute and it ended up turning out really good because we all have different expressions.

This is my friend Dallas. When I asked him not to smile he gave me really intense looks. They were scary so instead I asked him to turn to the side and give his scary looks to the side instead of directly at the camera.

This is Drew. You may think he's angry, but that's really just the lighting. I caught him while he was thinking of a look to give me and I got this.

This last one is my friend Emma. I asked her to give me this look. She always gives me this look to make me laugh.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still Life

In this photo I laid my iPod on a sheet of music and put the headphones into a heart shape. I love this photo because it expresses my love for music and creating music. It describes who I am.

This picture is my personal favorite. I took a vintage frame and an old antique Argus camera and put it behind the frame. It describes to me what could be in that picture frame someday.

In this picture I found as many eclectic books as i could find, opened them up, and stacked them on top of each other. I like the jumble of disorganization it creates.

This picture is a picture of 4 jars. 3 of them contain rose petals and one contains 2 roses. It almost symbolizes the cycle of life and death. I like what it portrays.

This picture is another one of my favorites because of the lighting. It's a picture of a key on a journal that I have. I set it up in my bathroom, turned off all the lights, and had one handheld lamp that I moved in different positions to get different angles of dramatic light. It almost feels like the journal holds a secret that you have to unlock.

This is another version of the one above.

This is my contact sheet for my still life project.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I did all of my landscape picture at my grandparents farm in Eastern Oregon. This picture was taken out their front yard. I love it there because there's nothing for miles and miles and all you can see is the open countryside.

This is another picture from their front yard but at a different angle. I like the tree coming from the side. It adds to the nature feeling of the photo.

I love this picture. We found a huge flock of snow geese so we pulled over and took some picture of them. My dad threw a rock to get them to fly away so this is a picture of them just taking off.

This is another picture of the snow geese. I love how it just looks so natural.

This picture was taken from their driveway. I love the open fields and hills in the background. It's very peaceful to me.

I choose to do a picture of the snow geese for my large print. This is a swatch of the snow geese picture.

This is my contact sheet for the landscapes project.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am a bird now

In this project, we had to draw a piece a paper that contained a word or phrase on it. I drew the phrase "I am a bird now". So for my project, I took pictures from a birds eye view.

I took this photo out my window. There was a sunset, so it adds a lot of contrast in the greys and you can see the sun rays barely poking through the trees at the bottom.

This is another version of the one above. I took more of a sky shot so you could see all the greys. It feels like you're soaring through the air.

Birdy in my chandelier! In this picture I was able to get up to the chandelier in my room and take a picture through the chandelier to make it look like the bird was sitting in it.

This is another version of the birdy in my chandelier, like the one above.

Birdy in my backyard! I took this picture out my bedroom window. I really like it and I don't know why. It has a very urban feel to it and I like how it turned out in black and white. Lots of greys, whites, and blacks.

This last picture is a picture or power lines. I thought it was a good idea because birds always sit on power lines.

This is my contact sheet for my "I'm a bird now" project.

Monday, February 28, 2011


This first picture is a building I found while I was driving. I stood at the base of it and took a picture up. I like this pattern because you can't decide if they're circles, diamonds, or squares.

This next picture I was standing in a courtyard looking up and I saw that a black iron track went around one edge of the courtyard.

This picture was taken in the same courtyard as before. There were apartments that all stuck out the same way. So I went at an angle and took a picture down and made them look layered.

This last picture is a picture of stairs that I found. I took a picture of the bottom of the stairs up.

This last picture is my 8x10 photo. I went outside to the corner of my house and took a picture looking up. But when you flip it upside down you feel like you're going to fall.

This is a swatch of the picture above. I did this to see if it was good before printing the larger print.

This is my contact sheet for my Architecture project

Friday, February 11, 2011


Name: Brassai
Years: He published his first book of photography in 1933
Why I appreciate them: I like the way he captures the streets and couples in Paris. He has such a rare and artistic mind.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Motion Blur

This first picture is a picture of my brother on a skateboard. When he went by me I left open to shutter and followed him with my camera. I was able to make him still, but blur my background.

This next picture is a picture of car lights on a freeway. I left open the shutter for a long time to get a long blur. I steadied the camera very carefully so the lines wouldn't be bumpy.

For this last picture, I did the same thing. I held my camera carefully and left the shutter open for a long time to capture the lights from the cars on the freeway.